Rihanna says she is “always working” on new music

"When I am ready to put it out in the way that I feel fit, it's gonna come out"

Rihanna has assured her fans that new music is on the way, saying in a new update that she is “always working” on writing new material.

The wait for a new Rihanna album has now extended to four-and-a-half years, with her last release, ‘Anti’, being released back in January 2016.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight earlier this week, Rihanna said that she is “always working on music”.


“I am always working on music and when I am ready to put it out in the way that I feel fit, it’s gonna come out,” she said. “And you’re not going to be disappointed when it happens. It’s going to be worth it.

Rihanna (Picture: Joey Foley/WireImage)

“I’m not just gonna put it out just because people are waiting,” she continued. “It’s taken this long, I’m gonna make it worth it.”

Rihanna also spoke about the recent 15-year anniversary of her debut single ‘Pon de Replay’, as well as the 10-year anniversary of ‘What’s My Name’ and ‘Love the Way You Lie’.

“I’m 10 years older, I’m 15 years older. I thought that was just a few years ago, now it’s like a decade plus,” she joked. “That is what I think about!

“But I’m also really grateful to still be here and being able to expand into other ventures. I’m grateful. It’s been fun and I can’t even complain.”


Earlier this week, rumours of an Eminem and Rihanna collaboration were quashed by the former’s marketing firm.