Rihanna to reissue albums in 15-vinyl box set

Box set to include five albums previously unavailable on vinyl

Rihanna is set to reissue all eight of her studio albums in a huge 15-vinyl box set.

It will mark the first time that debut album ‘Music of the Sun’, 2009’s ‘Rated R’, 2010’s ‘Loud’, 2011’s ‘Talk That Talk’ and 2012’s ‘Unapologetic’ will be available on vinyl.

The set features 15 LPs in total, and also comes with a 186-page hardcover book containing images throughout Rihanna’s career, as well as prints of every original CD booklet. A black turntable slipmat with Rihanna’s signature printed on it is also included.



Meanwhile, the new trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets has been released, which is soundtracked by The Beatles’ ‘Because’ and features Rihanna playing a dancing alien.

The sci-fi film, the first to be adapted from the French comic book series Valérian and Laureline, stars Dane DeHaan as the titular character and Cara Delevingne as Laureline, two special operatives who navigate the universe maintaining order. Rihanna will play an alien, Bubble, that the pair meet during a mission, while Clive Owen will play Commander Arün Filitt.

A new teaser clip of Valerian has now been released, which shows DeHaan and Delevingne battling their way through space and previewing their dynamic relationship. Rihanna is briefly featured in the trailer, previewing her chameleon-like ability to change form as Bubble.

Last month, Rihanna joined Sir Paul McCartney during his set at the second weekend of Desert Trip.

Fans claim the former Beatle joked “We finally found someone under 50” as the pop star joined him to perform ‘FourFiveSeconds’.