Rihanna reportedly drops lawsuit against father Ronald Fenty after alleging he used her name to make money

An out-of-court settlement has seemingly been reached

Rihanna has dropped a lawsuit against her father in which she accused him of using her name to make money.

The pop star opened the suit against Ronald Fenty in January 2019, with the pair set to appear in court over the matter later this month. Ronald previously rebuked claims that he falsely used his daughter’s name to promote his business.

Now, according to Radar Online, the singer has scrapped the suit in favour of an out-of-court settlement. The move is reportedly in an effort to avoid a public dispute.


Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, claimed that Ronald had booked shows for her despite not being her agent, including a $15million (£10.9million) overseas tour, without her knowledge or permission. The Barbadian singer alleged that such incidents had damaged her reputation when it came to talking to promoters and venues.

Rihanna Fenty and Ronald Fenty

Specifically, Rihanna had accused Ronald of false advertising, invasion of privacy and falsely using her name to promote his business, Fenty Entertainment.

She also claimed that her father tried to trademark the phrase “Fenty” and use it to open hotels, which led to her requesting the court for an injunction against him.

Rihanna and Ronald were supposed to be meet in court this month following delays, after travel restrictions prevented Rihanna from travelling to the US from the UK for the original June date hearing.


In other news, the pop star and Fenty Beauty business founder has announced details for the third instalment of her ‘Savage X Fenty’ runway shows, set to once again air on Amazon Prime Video.