Rilo Kiley return with new record

August release as band reunite for fourth album

Rilo Kiley have announced they are returning with their new album ’Under the Blacklight’ on August 20.

The band’s fourth album is the follow up to 2005’s ’More Adventures’. Each song on the album focuses on a different character and includes the tracks ’Money Maker’ and ’Breaking Up’.

The record was produced by Jason Lader, and was recorded at Sunset Studios in Los Angeles.

The album marks the return of the band following individual solo projects.

Jenny Lewis released ’Rabbit Fur Coat’ in 2006, while Blake Sennett recorded ’Sun, Sun, Sun’ with his band The Elected. Sennett also contributed to Bright Eyes last album ’Casadanga’.

The band are expected to announce UK dates for August soon.