Rilo Kiley get to work on new album

They have “20 songs”

Rilo Kiley have revealed they have 20 songs already recorded for their new album.

Jenny Lewis told Pitchfork that the band were almost ready to start the mixing stages of the follow-up to 2005’s ‘More Adventures’.

The singer revealed: “I think we’ve done most of our tracking. I know Blake (Sennett – guitarist) has a couple of things that he has to do, so I think we’re going to start mixing in November. I think we’ve recorded about 20 songs.”


Lewis confirmed ’Acid Tongue’ and ’Pull Me In Tighter’ were two of the songs already recorded for the LP. She also hinted at an early 2007 release date.

The band have been working with producer Jason Lader

Lewis is currently touring the US to support her solo album ’Rabbit Fur Coat’.

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