Rilo Kiley cover Jenny Lewis in London

Band expand to a six-piece

Rilo Kiley covered singer Jenny Lewis‘ solo song during their London gig tonight (August 20).

The band played a funky version of Lewis‘ solo tune ‘Rise Up With Fists’.

Introducing the track Lewis said: “This is a cover song…”


Guitarist and vocalist Blake Sennett told the crowd: “This is only the fourth gig we’ve played in two years. You’re the best crowd so far.”

Later Lewis said: “The first three (shows) were turds.”

The four piece were augmented by two extra members who played keyboards, trumpet, guitar and trumpet. They were introduced as Orinda and Kristen.

Playing a number of songs from new album ‘Under The Blacklight’ including a bluegrass version of the title track, Rilo Kiley introduced ’15’ by saying: “How many 15 year olds are there here tonight? No one? OK…”.

Before ‘Dejalo’ Lewis said: “Does anyone speak Spanish? I don’t.” Prior to ‘Smoke Detector’ the singer said: “This song was inspired by a dance. I’m not a very good dancer but I’m happy to demonstrate.”

Before first encore Lewis was joined by Orinda and Kristen for a version of ‘Give A Little Love’ by saying : “We’ve never done this before, so don’t kill us if we mess it up.”


She told this audience: “I wrote that song for Blake – he knows…”

Sennett and guitarist Pierre De Reeder played ukulele and mandolin for a version of ‘Ripchord’.

They played:

‘It’s A Hit’

‘Close Call’

‘Portions For Foxes’

‘Paint’s Peeling’

‘Breaking Up’


‘Wires And Waves’


‘Under The Blacklight’

‘Smoke Detector’



‘Rise Up With Fists’

‘Spectacular Views’

‘Give A Little Love’

‘Does He Love You’