Rilo Kiley debut new songs at V Festival

Band bring their new album to Staffordshire

Rilo Kiley premiered four new songs at the V Festival in Staffordshire today (August 18).

The band played a short set mainly made up of tracks from their new album ‘Under The Blacklight’ in the JJB Arena.

As the Los Angeles four-piece brought their performance to a close with ‘Does He Love You?’ from their 2004 album ‘More Adventurous’, they were held up by a slight technical hitch.

Singer Jenny Lewis, who was dressed in a grey top and hot pants, pleaded with the fans, “Shit! We are trying, bare with us,” before guitarist Blake Sennett added: “Shit has been happening to us all day. We love you guys though.”

Rilo Kiley played:

‘Close Call’

‘Smoke Detector’


‘Breakin’ Up’

‘Does He Love You?’

‘Under The Blacklight’ is out on Monday (August 20).

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