Ringo Starr promotes ‘Peace & Love’ on his birthday

The former Beatle will lead gathering in Chicago

Ringo Starr is urging people around the world to gather in honour of his 68th birthday to encourage more ‘peace and love’ in the world.

The former Beatle has put out a request for people to make a peace sign at noon on Monday (July 7) no matter where they are and shout or sing “peace and love”.

“Wherever you are — office, home, bus, tube, sitting, standing, walking, alone or with others, doesn’t matter — at noon on July 7 make the peace sign and think, say, shout, sing ‘Peace & Love'”, Starr said in a statement.


The drummer will be on hand at Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain to mark the occasion. Other planned gathering spots include Abbey Road Studios in London, Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Capitol Records in Hollywood, and Strawberry Fields in New York’s Central Park.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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