Rita Ora will appear in both Fifty Shades of Grey sequel films

Hacked Sony Pictures emails revealed by Wikileaks detail singer’s reprisal of Mia Grey role

Rita Ora will appear in both Fifty Shades of Grey sequel films.

The singer will continue in her role as Christian Grey’s sister, Mia Grey. Ora appeared in the first installment of the film, which was released in cinemas in February. Ora performed a cameo role delivering four lines.

The news was revealed among the leaked Sony Pictures emails republished by Wikileaks on Friday (April 17). The emails and documents were published with a fully-searchable, Google-style search engine, The Guardian reports.

A search for ‘Rita Ora’ reveals correspondance between her US agent Franklin Latt and former Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal. Latt writes:

“Excited for you to meet Rita Ora tomorrow.We all sat with her today and she’s an incredible spark. Having just worked with Sam Taylor Wood and Antoine Fuqua, she’d love to continue working with great artists and find unique-strong female characters along the way.”

“Rita, 23, will appear in Universal’s upcoming FIFTY SHADES OF GREY playing the role of ‘Mia Grey’ and will appear in the next two installments of the movie.”

Rita Ora recently praised Madonna for standing up to Radio 1 when the station refused to playlist Madonna’s new single ‘Living For Love.’

Madonna became embroiled in a war of words with the station earlier this year, accusing them of ageism.

Taking to instagram, Ora posted a picture of Madonna along with the caption: “Thank you for fighting all these ageist battles, and paving a way, that just maybe one day, all of us “Younger Artists” won’t have to in the future! @madonna #ifuckinlovethisbitch #thatswhatlegendsdo”