Rival Schools play new material at Download festival

Returning rockers also cover The Smiths

Rival Schools previewed four all-new songs during their comeback show at Download Festival today (June 13).

The New York hardcore pioneers have reformed after an eight-year hiatus, and they proved that they’re here to stay by playing three new compositions, entitled ‘Big Waves’, ‘Sophia Loren’ and ‘Paranoid Detectives’.

Along with tracks like ‘The Switch’ and the closing ‘Used For Glue’, the band wore their Smiths obsession on their sleeves by playing a pumped-up cover of ‘How Soon Is Now’ second to last.

Speaking to NME.COM before the show, frontman Walter Schreifels said the group’s reunion has been going well.

“It’s been really fun,” he explained. “The shows have been awesome, we’re having a blast, and it’s just been fantastic to get back and play some of the old stuff and also work on a new album and new songs – it feels like we never left.

“We’ve been working on an album now for about six years, and its kind of felt time to go out and bust out some new songs. And this summer just came together and this is the time.”

Of the new material, he added: “That’s probably the most exciting thing for me because you know, you’re throwing out songs that you know people are gonna get into, but you’re piecing the next steps to what’s going on, and we’ve been getting great responses. Its exciting for us because it’s a creative thing.”

Rival Schools played:

‘High Acetate’

‘Travel By Telephone’

‘Paranoid Detectives’

‘Good Things’

‘My Echo’

‘Sophia Loren’

‘Undercovers On’

‘Big Waves’

‘Hooligans For Life’

‘Favorite Star’

‘The Switch’

‘How Soon Is Now’

‘Used For Glue’

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