Plus - A Boyzone reunion is on the cards, Mel B gets some shoes and all Pauls are ugly...

Robbie‘s going to kill himself off come November.

Then come back as not just himself, but someone slightly different who is still himself but not.

The resurrection plans are carried in most of the morning red tops following an interview Robbie, who used to be and still is known as Robbie, gave to BBC Radio 1 at Roskilde. “I’m really bored with Robbie. After November I’m going to kill him off. I’m everywhere. I know that I know nothing, that I’m really confused on a daily basis,” Robbie explains in a rather confusing manner.

, a fictional childlike character with big ears.

Elsewhere, Shane Lynch looks likes he’s still gunning for Ronan Keating. Big Shane, known for frequently wearing long coats and shaving his eyebrow while in boyband Boyzone, recently revealed to the world that Ronan suffers from a rare complaint of arseholes in the ear. Now, according to The Star, they can’t help but bump into each other at a weekend concert. And Shane will have plenty to say to Ronan. Such as “Ronan, you’re an old so-and-so” or “I’d planned to retire on the cash to be made on one last Boyzone live tour. I even had a couple of the old coats dry-cleaned. And that’s not cheap. Though there was an offer on and with each coat I could get two shirts done for the price of one.”

Meanwhile, the Ever Vigilant 3am Girls today reveal that Max Beesley, the boyfriend of failing Spice Girl Mel B was spotted outside Harvey Nichols in London with a pair of shoes he had bought for her. The trio will of course be aware that in the past Mel has been spotted sporting footwear, sometimes this footwear being shoes and sometimes not.

Finally, a documentary is being planned about Europe’s oldest working lightbulb. The Yugoslavian bulb, hanging in a family garage in Cetinje near Belgrade, has been glowing since 1910. And a documentary is being planned all about it.

By the way, Tabloid Hell is concerned about a new survey in Spain has decided that men called Paul are likely to be ugly. The survey by AEEN, a Spanish association for studies on names, say they discovered a direct relation between a person’s name and their physical appearance.

Not content with the belief that Pauls are ugly, they go on: “Those named Paul – Paulo in Spanish – are actually hideous.”

Anthony’s, they claim, tend be the most handsome.

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