Robbie Williams goes 'Rollin' and has a 'Beautiful Day' at Roskilde - and has a word for his old Take That bandmates...

ROBBIE WILLIAMS unveiled his new single, his new haircut and his nu-metal direction at ROSKILDE FESTIVAL on Saturday (June 30).

Sporting a blonde-spiked cockatoo crop, the former Take That star played a cover version of Limp Bizkit‘s ‘Rollin’ alongside U2‘s ‘Beautiful Day’ and Queen‘s ‘We Are The


On introducing his new single, a mid-paced power ballad in ‘Angels’ vein entitled ‘Eternity’, Robbie announced apologetically “I had to release a ballad at some point. Please don’t go to the toilet while I sing it.”

He also rubbed fresh salt into his Take That scars, dedicating ‘No Regrets’ to “Mark

Owen, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and the other one.”

Before his traditional punk demolition of Barlow’s

‘Back For Good’, Robbie also said of his former colleague “I don’t know what he’s doing at the moment but I’m a big admirer of his work. If you see him, can you e-mail him because I’d love to get in contact.” As the song progressed, Robbie told the crowd “come on, sing the backing vocal, that’s all I fucking did!”