The UN rules in his favour over use of his name by a hoax website...

Robbie Williams has won a copyright battle with a hoax website over use of his name.

The site,, directed users to the Oasis website. Williams complained to the United Nations copyright agency that Howard Taylor, who ran the site, had no right to the name and was using the site in bad faith.

He claimed he wanted to run an unofficial Robbie Williams fanclub from October and that he directed users to the Oasis site to get publicity due to the long-running feud between Liam Gallagher and Williams .

In a ruling published in Geneva today (August 19), the U.N. World Intellectual Property Organization, which protects trademarks and patents, ruled that Taylor can no longer use Williams name. They said that the domain name was virtually identical to other Robbie Williams sites and that Taylor had not demonstrated any rights or legitimate interest in the site. The body said it was registered in bad faith, Reuters reports.