The star gets ordained in LA so he can officiate at a pal's wedding...

Robbie Williams has been ordained a minister so he could officiate at a friend’s wedding.

He has become a minister of the non-denominational Universal Ministries based in Los Angeles. The Rev Robert Williams, as he is now known, married The Cult bass player Billy Morrison and his US-born girlfriend Jennifer Holliday.

His label have released a brief statement to NME.COM which reads:

“[The marriage] is official and listed at the registry of births, deaths and marriages in LA. Robbie Williams is a reverend of the Universal Ministries and it is his signature and that of the country clerk that is seen on the wedding certificate.

“He delighted to have officiated for his friends but is unlikely to do any more.”

“It was a spur of the moment decision and somehow, within 48 hours, we managed to ordainRobbie Williams, organise all the trimmings and get married,” Morrison told Hello! magazine.

The ceremony took place at the Sunset Marquis Hotel Villas, just of Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago.

Robbie Williams has recently taken to wearing priest’s vestments and dog collar while in public.