Plus - Will Robbie let Stipey be Dean Martin, it's Em 'n' Kim and the 3am Girls do something or other...

Robbie Williams and Michael Stipe have had dinner.

The pair, who have both eaten in the past, dined at top London eating eaterie Claridges earlier this week, The Daily Star reports (November 16) The news will come as no surprise to fans of Robbie, as in the past he used to enjoy eating so much he got very fat. However, Stipe has been thin for some time and the fact that he chose to illustrate his new found eating fad will set nerves jangling.

. It was quite a night.”

Elsewhere, The Sun reports that Eminem is having an affair with Kim Basinger. The crazy rapper, familiar to fans with songs about dead women in car boots, met and wooed Basinger, a female actress, when she was acting as his mother in a forthcoming film. However, the relationship has caused problems for the pair. Since they started fooling around like lovesick puppies or teenagers learning to kiss without tongues or similar, watchers have noticed “hands all over each other.”

“The director is terrified,” a man familiar with films told NME.COM. “They’d be close to finishing a scene and then someone would notice a hand just sitting on Eminem ‘s shoulder or resting on Kim’s knee. it’s causing havoc with shooting schedules. First the director thought it was the work of a prankster – Robbie ‘s name was mentioned until Bob, the key grip, remembered he was Frank Sinatra now. Then the director noticed hands on him. This film could be ruined because of fucking hands.” It has also emerged that Eminem was once married to Kim, who is now his mother.

The Mirror’s three girls today have their photo taken.

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