The star gives blood to see if his marrow is compatible to that of leukaemia victim Johanna MacVicar...

Ten months after pledging to become a bone marrow donor to help a leukaemia suffering fan, ROBBIE WILLIAMS began the process in GLASGOW at the weekend when he gave blood to see if his marrow was compatible.

The star promised to sign up last October when he was touched by the plight of 23-year-old Johanna MacVicar. Johanna was diagnosed with leukaemia five years ago and will die if a donor is not found soon.

“I’ve met Johanna on several occasions and have been so impressed by her courage,” Williams said. “I just hope that by joining the bone marrow register myself I can bring awareness to her plight and that of many others.”

Even if Robbie is found not to have a match for Johanna he will remain on the UK’s main bone marrow register, run by the Anthony Nolan Trust, and may be called later to help save a life. It is hoped if that is the case more people will come forward and help and so save Johanna.

A spokesman for the Trust said: “Robbie has obviously given this a great deal of thought, which is what we would encourage any potential donor to do, and has decided to make this commitment to join the Anthony Nolan Register.

“He knows that by adding his name to the 313,000 UK adults already registered on the trust’s database he could one day save a life,” ananova.com reports.