The renegade rock'n'roller shows he has no respect for the law by travelling 8km over the Perth car park speed limit while on tour...

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has run foul of the local constabulary during his sell-out tour of AUSTRALIA.

But it was merely travelling 8km over the car park speed limit in Perth that saw the singer nabbed by police. Williams had been escaping a crowd of about 1,000 fans waiting at the stage door following his performance there on Thursday (November 1). While police let him go to avoid causing a riot with fans his relief was short-lived. A separate patrol nabbed his van for making an illegal U-turn after being herded toward the wrong exit by fans.

Williams later described Australian police as being like “Superman and Batman”.

Throughout this tour which sees him play Melbourne tonight (November 5), Williams has consistently refused to sign autographs for fans at airports and stage-doors, bullying his way through crowds of waiting fans.

And he has snubbed journalists throughout Asia and Australia, stopping only once in Adelaide on Friday to scoff at rumours he and Nicole Kidman are an item.

Despite his rough treatment of fans, his near-sell-out tour of Australia has received top reviews in the Australian media. And during his shows, in which he performed a range of material from Blur‘s ‘Song 2’ to a hard-rock version of Take That hit ‘Back For Good’ and his new single ‘Better Man’, he was equally congratulatory of Australian crowds.

“This is great – at home in England they say Robbie Williams only sells records in England and then I fly half way around the world and here you all are – funny about that,” Williams said.

Robbie Williams performs in Melbourne tonight and tomorrow (November 5-6), Sydney on Thursday and Friday and Brisbane on November 11.