And he's using the team who broke Radiohead, Coldplay and The Vines...

ROBBIE WILLIAMS is poised to achieve his dream of stardom in America thanks to the team who have helped push RADIOHEAD, COLDPLAY and the Doves towards the superleague over there.

Robbie is understood to have a commitment from EMI written into his immense £80 million contract with the label that they will make him crack the tough, but hugely lucrative, US market.

As he has signed to EMI in Britain, it is likely that Capitol in the US will work future releases. It is Capitol who helped push Coldplay to unprecedented sales for a new UK band in America and who have helped gain them saturation exposure there. It is the same team who have lifted Kylie Minogue and made them one of the most sought after of the new breed.

Industry experts predict that if a well-orchestrated campaign is put together, the former Take That star could be closer to achieving his goal than previously thought.

“He has appeal,” Jonathan Cohen, from the online wing of influential US music trade magazine Billboard, told NME. “He’s a personality. He suffered here because he didn’t have enough exposure before. ‘Rock DJ’ had the potential to start him in the right direction. It was a good song, had a good video, but after that there was nothing else, no momentum. Remember, he has sold less than 700,000 albums to date here.

“His label has got to support him, get him out on tour, get him on radio and on TV. Capitol have a great track record here. They’ve done it forColdplay, forRadiohead, Kylie Minogue and, to a certain extent, [/a].

“As far as him being a multi-multi platinum star right from the off, it’s unlikely, but there’s nothing really to stop him working towards it now.”

Cohen added that Williamsrecent sojourn in LA – where he has courted publicity hanging out with everyone from Marilyn Manson and [a] to [/a]’s ex-wife Rachel Hunter – has done little to raise his profile in the US, though having Nicole Kidman star alongside him in the video for ‘Somethin’ Stupid’ did him no harm at all.

Despite Cohen’s positive take, it is clear that Williams will have to find some easily identifiable hook for the team behind him to use.


recently scored a Top Three album in the US after years of being a nobody over there. Her spokesperson is certain of what it was that secured her success.

“’Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ was definitely the thing that turned it around,” he told NME.COM. “When it was obvious that it was going to take off, she went over there and did TV and radio and worked it. It’s as simple as that.”

It is no coincidence that [a][/a]

too is worked in the US by Capitol.

However, despite >Robbie Williams‘ eagerness to break America, he will have to wait some time yet.

“At this stage we’re still developing plans for the US,” EMI senior spokesperson Cathy Cremer said. “It’s still to be determined what exactly will happen.”

“But we’re very optimistic of American success,” she added, something of an understatement for a company who have banked so much on >Williams’ so far unproven American track record.