Robbie and Nicole meet up Down Under...

Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman are planning to meet in Australia.

The pair, who have met previously and have spoken and sung to each other, are hoping to make their rendezvous in Sydney. “Nicole is there in November to promote her new movie ‘The Others’, while Rob is doing an eight-date Aussie tour which takes in Sydney at the same time,” explains The Sun (October 17).

It will be quite a homecoming for Nicole, who used to come from Australia until she married Hollywood short actor and man Tom Cruise and decided not to any more. She is believed to be very excited to be returning to Australia, formerly a prison island for people on boats. Robbie, though is believed to be not quite as delighted about the Sydney meeting. “He thinks Nicole is a great girl,” a woman said, “but he’s allergic to kangaroos. He doesn’t fancy walking with Nicole along the high street in Sydney, and maybe talking to her too, and suddenly sneezing and spluttering because a kangaroo bounces past. He’s also a little uneasy with the marsupial tag attached to kangaroos. He feels that if a whale can be called a mammal then just because a kangaroo has the pouch attachment, it should not be excluded as a marginal mammal. His love/hate relationship with kangaroos has special significance for Robbie as that is sometimes how he feels about himself. He’s a very deep thinker, you know. He reads books all the time. And he’s now Frank Sinatra, which causes all sorts of issues as Robbie is alive and Frank is dead. It’s a bloody minefield.”

Elsewhere, it is also alleged that traces of weather have been discovered in southern Portugal. Scientists see no rational reason why the weather should have occurred.

The Mirror’s Ever-Vigilant 3am Girls have revealed that Jarvis Cocker was spotted in a bar. They also reveal that Dec, from television hosts Ant & Dec, was seen walking along a street.

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