Reportedly, Robbie's got £80million to stuff under his mattress - making it probably the highest bedding in the world...

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has secured the biggest deal in UK history with a deal worth £80million.

The ex-Michael Jackson star has renewed his contract with EMI – as recently as last Saturday it was revealed that it had become a two horse race with EMI’s rival V2 the only other remaining bidder – V2’s owner Richard Branson was said to be personally involved in the negotiations.

The deal is an unusually large given that the star has very little profile outside the UK, however the terms of the deal include a commitment to breaking him in the US, according to today’s Sun newspaper.

The deal is second only to [a][/a]’s deal with Sony.

The deal is at odds with the recent actions of EMI who have eschewed massive deals with single artists following their disasterous signing of Mariah Carey which resulted in a single poor selling album and a £38 million pay off for the fading diva.

EMI has recently axed 1,800 jobs.