Over 500 complaints were made about the naughty language - but strangely, not the performance itself...

The BBC has upheld viewer complaints over an outburst of swearing during a broadcast of ‘ONE NIGHT WITH ROBBIE WILLIAMS’ late last year.

The show, a live showcase for Robbie Williams ‘Swing When You’re Winning’ album, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in London, received over 500 complaints from viewers upset at remarks made by Rupert Everett during song links. The actor swore several times and suggested that everyone, whatever their sexual preference, would like to sleep with Robbie Williams after witnessing his performance. Despite the programme being broadcast after the 9pm watershed the BBC’s programme complaints committee agreed that Everett’s outburst was unacceptable for a show that would have attracted Robbie Williams‘s younger fans.

“The scale of the complaints on the night, as recorded in the BBC’s log of phone calls, made clear that many viewers were not prepared for the bad language and explicit sexual references (particularly in the linking script delivered by Rupert Everett),” the committee reported in its quarterly complaints bulletin. “Viewers found them gratuitous and out of place.”

The show will be edited before it is repeated at a similar time in future. it attracted seven million viewers on its initial broadcast on November 17.