The track 'Kids' appears on Robbie's forthcoming album...

Robbie Williams looks set to court controversy with his Kylie Minogue duet ‘KIDS’ because of a reference to sodomy, can exclusively reveal.

The track features on his forthcoming album ‘Sing When You’re Winning’ and is almost certain to be a single after Robbie‘s first release from the album ‘Rock DJ’, out on Monday (July 31).

‘Kids’ sees Williams sing the line: “Press be asking do I care for sodomy/I don’t know/Yeah, probably”. It is almost certain to be banned from radio playlists, although it’s likely that a radio edit will be made.

The complete lyric, done ‘rap-style’ at the end of the song goes: “I’m an honorary Sean Connery /Born ’74/There’s only one of me/Singlehandedly raising the economy/Ain’t no chance the record company dropping me/ Press be asking do I care for sodomy/I don’t know/Yeah, probably/I be looking for serial monogamy/Not some bird that looks like Billy Connolly/But for now I’m down with ornithology/Grab your binoculars come follow me.”.

The chorus, meanwhile, appears to be a self-conscious acknowledgement of criticisms that the duet was recorded with record sales in mind, with Williams and Kylie singing: “We don’t mind doing it for the kids /So jump on board/Take a ride/Jump on board/Feel the high/The kids are alright”. has heard the entire album, which is out on August 28 through Chrysalis. For more information, and further lyrics, buy this week’s NME, out today (July 25) in London, and tomorrow (July 26) nationwide.

Tickets for Williams‘ autumn UK tour sold out within hours.