Robbie Williams is said to be annoyed with himself for selling new track 'United' for use in an ad...

Robbie Williams is said to be regretting giving his track ‘UNITED’ to Pepsi for use in a promotional campaign because he feels it’s one of the best of his new batch.

According to reports in today’s Sun newspaper in the UK, the singer is “pissed off because he knows it would have given been a massive hit”.

Williams‘ contribution to the soft drink’s promotional round follows that of former number one stars The Corrs.


Meanwhile, he will release new single, ‘Rock DJ’, through EMI on July 31. Despite the controversial video being banned by several television networks, including the BBC because of scenes of cannibalism, the track is still expected to go straight to number one.

In other Robbie news, a spokesperson for the former Take That star has confirmed that he will have to give a slice of ‘Rock DJ’s profits to the writers of Barry White‘s ‘I’m In Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me’. Such are the similarities between the two songs that they have been given a credit on the record alongside Williams’ own songwriting partners, Kelvin Andrews and Guy Chambers.

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