The star's controversial 'Rock DJ' video is banned in the Dominican Republic...

Robbie Williams‘ROCK DJ’ video – which caused controversy on its initial release for scenes in which the star’s flayed torso ripped out its own organs and hurled them at supermodels – has run into further problems, this time in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

Williams‘ video, which has been labelled “Satanic”, is one of a handful of promo clips to be banned in the tropical Caribbean nation by the National Commission of Public Broadcasting and Radio.

In a statement, the Commission said that ‘Rock DJ’ video – which helped propel the single to Number One in the UK – would “under no circumstances would be permitted” for broadcast owing to themes “against the moral and religious customs of the Dominican people”. The island is predominantly Catholic.


Reports claim that other banned items include an advertisement for chewing gum, which “contains a kiss with such a high grade of impurity and eroticism that it is contrary to the morals of the people”.


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