And not only does Robbie Williams insult his country, he also has a pop at his contemporaries...

Robbie Williams has slammed his UK chart rivals by saying, “I am the UK charts,” and, “ENGLAND can just kiss my ass” – on the eve of a major UK tour.

Speaking in an interview with, Williams claimed that the best new music is coming from the US. He said: “I think the best music is coming out of America at the minute. The charts in England are a bit… it is a bit scary. I can’t sit and comment on the state of the UK‘s charts, because I am the UK‘s charts at the minute. But I was saying to Guy (Chambers) the other day, the best music is coming out of America, definitely. And England can just kiss my ass.”

Williams also said he loves visiting America, and one of his major motivations to succeed there is “because people say I can’t”. He continued: “It’s the only reason. I think that’s a good enough reason. But to tell you the truth, for my ego, I don’t think it will do anything for me. For my bank balance? How much can you spend?”


Elsewhere in the interview, Williams claims that he is a fan of Eminem and would like to collaborate with rapper Dr Dre. He said: “I’d really like to work with Dr Dre. I really, really would. But he looks like a scary person. ‘Hello, Mr Dre? Doctor? I’m Robbie. Robbie Williams from England. Like to work with you. Don’t kill me.’ That’s how I think how the relationship would go.”

Following his low-key warm-up date at Reading Rivermead last Friday night (October 6), Williams embarks on a UK tour this evening, which calls at: Birmingham NEC (October 9-10, 12-14) Glasgow SECC (16-18) Newcastle Telewest Arena (20-21) Manchester Evening News Arena (23-24, 26-28) London Docklands Arena (October 31-November 2, 4-6)


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