Williams returns with 'Rock DJ'...

Robbie Williams new single ‘ROCK DJ’ received its world premiere when it was aired on the SARA COX breakfast show on BBC RADIO 1 this morning (June 30).

The track, due to be released through EMI on July 31, is the first from the star’s eagerly awaited third album, slated for release during the autumn.

‘Rock DJ’, co-written by Williams, longtime collaborator Guy Chambers and old hometown friend Kelvin Andrews, is a ’70s-tinged, funk-driven semi-rocker that though perky, is not completely tied to the stars oft-mooted new dance direction. It is still, though, the least obvious Robbie track that he has released to date.


With a chorus of “I don’t wanna rock DJ/But you’re making me feel so nice/Is it gonna stop DJ/Cause you’re keeping me up all night”. The track has been receiving fairly unanimous praise since its debut just over an hour ago, and is expected to go straight to number one on release.

Now you can tell us what you think. Was it worth the wait? Does it reflect Williams long talked about conversion to dance? Or does it owe more to rock, following Robbie‘s recent stint seeing gigs by the likes of Alabama Thunderpussy, Dark Star, Filter and Nine Inch Nails. Or does it, in fact, sound like a tarted up Take That?

What do you think of the new Robbie single? invites you to post your comments

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