Robbie Williams says the UK needs more artists like Billy Bragg

The Take That star believes people need to start rebelling more

Robbie Williams has said that he thinks the current UK music scene is in need of a few rebellious voices.

The Take That star said there hasn’t been a music movement for people to latch onto since the 90s and says Britain needs more artists like Billy Bragg and The Clash to stand up against the government.

“There has not been that same spirit ever since (Britpop), I don’t think,” Williams told The Sun. “There used to be something to rebel against. I think there is plenty to rebel against right now, especially with what is happening with the world, with how people are being treated by governments and the recession. Normally this is the time of great upheaval and great voices that rise and say, ‘No we are not fucking having this’.”

He added: “But there seems to be a great apathy. Where are the Billy Braggs and The Clashes? It’s good to have a place to go and complain. Not than I’m doing anything about it, I’m in a mansion in Los Angeles. What do I know?”

Williams, meanwhile, has recently found himself in the headlines after he launched an attack on bands of the Britpop era. Responding to criticism of One Direction from Suede singer Brett Anderson, he wrote in a blog post: “There were a few special indie bands then just as there are in every generation and just as some pop bands are useless, some are magnificent. I feel sorry for the people who are too bigoted to appreciate the latter. The world’s a lot more exciting with One Direction in it and more hearts will genuinely race at a new 1D album than they ever have or will at any Suede album in any period.”