Robbie Williams and THE ORB have joined forces to pay tribute to The Bee Gees...

Robbie Williams(pictured) has teamed up with THE ORB for a cover version of The Bee Gees’ song ‘I Started A Joke’. The collaboration is featured on a Bee Gees tribute album, ‘Gotta Get A Message To You’, released by Polydor on October 12. Other artists include Space, The Lightning Seeds and Monaco.

The album has been put together by Peter Lorraine, artist development manager at The Bee Gees’ label Polydor. Proceeds will go towards Live Challenge ’99, a charity initiative by Granada Television set up to raise money for young people’s projects in the Northwest. Lorraine said: “Robbie said he’d like to work with The Orb, so we set it up. The song they recorded was a big hit in the US but wasn’t so well-known here.”

The Orb’s Alex Paterson said Robbie’s interest in the band stemmed from a meeting at Top Of The Pops seven years ago. “We did Top Of The Pops with Take That and we were giving it the football chants and drinking brandy at 11 in the morning. He said that when he saw us doing that he wanted some of it. He was very enjoyable company. Robbie’s funny in that as a vocalist he’s one of the few who can get a song nailed down right in the same day.”


Space cover ‘Massachusetts’ for the album, The Lightning Seeds interpret ‘To Love Somebody’ and Monaco do ‘You Should Be Dancing’, a song they rerecorded three times. “The first version was a bit frightening to tell the truth,” Lorraine said. “Hooky was singing on it. In the end they enlisted the help of a session singer. Hooky really liked the song. It’s great, it starts off with a disco type thing and all the time you’re just waiting for that New Order bass sound to come in.”

Meanwhile, The Orb have a double CD greatest hits album, ‘UFOff’ released by Island on October 5. The band are currently working on their next album, due in February, which has the working title of ‘Cydonia’.

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