Robbie Williams denies he is planning to record with Adele

Singer says he is too "terrified" to ask his friend to collaborate

Robbie Williams has said that rumours he will record a duet with Adele for his next album are false, adding that he is too scared to ask her to sing with him.

It had been suggested that Williams would recruit Adele for his next studio album after his wife, Ayda Field, struck up a close relationship with the ’21’ singer. However, appearing on RTE in Ireland, Robbie denied the rumours, saying: “She and my wife, Ayda, are really good friends and I’m really good friends with her boyfriend. We’re good pals, but I wouldn’t ask Adele to sing on my record. The whole world wants Adele to sing on their record. I think we’ll just leave it as a nice friendship, so that story about a duet is totally made up.”

Williams did, however, go on to say that Michael Buble would appear on his next album and that they are recording together at the moment.

Earlier this year, Adele said that she will only record a new album when she has “something to sing about”. Previously, Adele’s camp have been coy about a release date for a new LP from the singer and in October last year, her label XL Recordings admitted that a follow-up to ’21’ “may not come for some years”.

Williams, meanwhile, has recently found himself in the headlines after he launched an attack on bands of the Britpop era. Responding to criticism of One Direction from Suede singer Brett Anderson, he wrote in a blog post: “There were a few special indie bands then just as there are in every generation and just as some pop bands are useless, some are magnificent. I feel sorry for the people who are too bigoted to appreciate the latter. The world’s a lot more exciting with One Direction in it and more hearts will genuinely race at a new 1D album than they ever have or will at any Suede album in any period.”