A "severely disturbed" fan pushed Robbie offstage in Stuttgart...

ROBBIE WILLIAMS was attacked and thrown from the stage by a “severely disturbed” fan during a show in STUTTGART last night (February 21).

Williams was charged from behind at the Schleyerhalle stadium by a 20-year-old man who evaded security staff, landed a punch and pulled Williams’ hair before flinging him into the pit five feet below.

Robbie was not seriously hurt in the attack. After being examined by a doctor, he returned to finish his set. He joked with the audience that the attacker “wasn’t my type” and started singing again.

The attacker was detained by venue security before police arrived. He was arrested and taken to a doctor for psychiatric assessment. News sources in Germany report that he believed Williams was a clone and wanted to prove it.

London’s Evening Standard newspaper say the attacker has not been named, but is believed to come from the Stuttgart area. He is currently being held in a secure psychiatric unit and the public prosecutor is deciding whether or not to pursue charges of assault against him.