Plus - hear tracks from the star's new album ahead of its release...

Robbie Williams has announced details of a secret gig in LONDON in September, and is previewing tracks from his new album via the Internet.

Williams is to play a 500-capacity gig on September 3 at an undisclosed London venue to give fans the chance tracks from his new album, ‘Sing When You’re Winning’, which is released on August 28 through EMI.

Tickets for the show will be allocated in a competition on Sara Cox‘s Radio 1 breakfast show from next Monday (August 21).


In addition, Williams is to preview all the tracks from his forthcoming album via his official website, [url=]www.robbiewilliams.co.uk, between now and its release. It is currently possible to hear one track per day via the site. Today’s track is Williams‘ number one single ‘Rock DJ’ – and already previewed on the site are ‘Let Love Be Your Energy’ and ‘Better Man’.

Williams has also written a series of comments about each track on the site. Speaking about the album as a whole he said: “Every track is a solid track on this next album. I want people to think, ‘Oh, he’s getting there isn’t he’, you know?

“I want them to have a good time, be sad, be in different moods, go all over the place but at the end of it, go, ‘Oh he’s nearly there, isn’t he?’. I mean, I’m really confident, I’m really confident about my own ability, I’m really confident about Guy‘s ability and I’m really confident about my track record. I’d like to beat my best score, which was my best score on the last album. I think any human being would, you know I’ve sold 4 million of that in total, 4 million of the one before, which is not bad.”


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