The star turns up at the Top Of The Pops studio on crutches - but his fans go a bit nutty when he reveals that he's 'cured'...

ROBBIE WILLIAMS kicked off a stage invasion at TOP OF THE POPS after turning up to perform his new single ‘SUPREME’ on crutches.

According to UK tabloid The Sun, he shocked fans by hobbling on stage wincing, using the crutches belonging to his manager Tim Clark, who broke his leg kick-boxing. He declared: “Sorry, I’m injured but I didn’t want to let the fans down.” But after being helped on to the stage, he threw the crutches away as though he’d undergone a miraculous cure, and launched into the song. He then triggered a stage invasion by pulling a girl out of the audience.

The stage was rushed by ardent fans. He was whisked off and when he returned, The Sun reports, he said: “I’m not ill at all really, at least not in my legs. I was expecting a gentle dance with you lot, not to get throttled. Are you all from the Gary Barlow fan club?”

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