ROBBIE NIPS OUT TO THE GARAGE! spots the ex-Take That star soaking up stoner rock vibes as he records new album...

Robbie Williams made a low-key appearance at a showcase gig for the burgeoning US stoner rock scene on Friday (April 21) at the London Highbury Garage.

It’s not the first time the ex-Take That member has been seen at heavy rock shows in the capital – over the past few months, Robbie’s cropped up at gigs by Filter and Nine Inch Nails, and has even been seen checking out the delights of some of Camden’s less successful indie rock outfits.

Industry insiders say all the gig-going is providing inspiration for Robbie as he works on his new album, due out later this year.


This time Robbie was there to see a showcase of two of stoner rock scene’s biggest stars – High On Fire and Alabama Thunderpussy. The gig served as showcase for their label and spiritual home of stoner rock Man’s Ruin Records – owned and operated by cult artist Frank Kozik, who had an exhibition of his art on display at the show.

First up were High On Fire, a monstrously heavy Californian three-piece formed from the ashes of the legendary stoner godfathers Sleep – a band who blew a $60,000-plus major label advance on marijuana and recorded a 75-minute-long, one-song dirge called ‘Jerusalem‘. They soon parted company with the label.

Their ear-splitting set was followed by the jump-around pop stoner rock of Richmond, Virginia’s Alabama Thunderpussy, on tour to promote their new CD ‘Constellation‘.

But while Robbie seemed impressed by the bearded Mvtorhead-influenced show openers Dukes Of Nothing and the mighty High On Fire, he was less taken by the Thunderpussy‘s set. Flanked by his entourage, the baseball-capped star made an early exit – along with most of the audience.

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