Robbie Williams on Jimmy Page renovation row: ‘I still haven’t been able to move into my mansion’

Singer defeated Led Zep neighbour in bid to improve his £17.5m London home last summer

Robbie Williams has revealed that he still hasn’t moved into his London mansion despite winning a renovation row against neighbour Jimmy Page.

The former Take That singer lives next door to Led Zeppelin guitarist Page in west London with his wife, Ayda. The pair had been locked in an ongoing debate about Williams’ plans to renovate the home he bought from the late Michael Winner for £17.5m in 2013.

But the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea planning committee approved his building plans last summer.

Williams now says that due to delays, the renovation works are still ongoing and he hasn’t been able to move into the home with his family.

“It’s a great story, for you guys and for me, so everybody wins,” he said. “Apart from us as a family, who would have liked to have been in 12 months ago but we can’t.”

Jimmy Page

“I don’t know if there are any winners, necessarily,” he added. “I do know it makes a great story and I’m really pleased, just for me in ­general for the rest of my life. I’m really pleased it’s Jimmy Page and not Jimmy the accountant.

“It’s ­actually Jimmy Page from Led ­Zeppelin and it’s a wonderful story to have in your back pocket – about, you know, the neighbour that doesn’t want to help you out.”

Page lives in the Tower House property, once saved from demolition by Sir John Betjeman, and feared that Williams’ plans for his own home could damage his.

Since the plans were approved relations between the two have remained frosty the singer said.

“I don’t think we’re friends, no,” Williams told The Sun. “I don’t know Jimmy Page. We met briefly a couple of times but it was years ago, in passing, and I was in reverence of the great Jimmy Page.”