Robbie Williams has launched his own set of emojis

RobbieMoji features emojis, GIFs, audio clips and videos

Robbie Williams has launched his own range of emojis with the RobbieMoji app.

Featuring Robbie Williams inspired emojis, GIFs, videos and audio clips, there’s also an option to create your own Robbie Williams meme.

The cartoon versions of Robbie Williams are based on the most popular everyday emojis as well as the singer’s most iconic looks, lyrics and tattoos. One video features Williams’ recent ‘floating cake’ trick.

Robbie Williams has recently been rapping again, according to one of his musical collaborators. The singer has been back in the studio recording for a new album and has been working with Example.

The pair went to record new music for Williams’ 11th album with Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid last month.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Example said: “I’ve wanted to write with him for a while. He’s one of those ones, you just don’t know what kind of track you’re going to make.

“I turned up to the studio and they already had a rough bit of music laid down, like some guitars and drums and stuff. Johnny’s amazing at all that.”