Robbie Williams eyes new record deal

Singer looks at courting investors in a £50million deal

Robbie Williams could be set to sell the right to half his future album, touring and sponsorship earnings in a £50million deal.

Managers for the singer are looking at courting investors as a possible alternative to signing up with a record label as he comes to the end of a £55million, four-album deal with EMI.

The scheme would involve financial partners paying a cash advance in the hope eventual earnings exceeded the investment.

Previous singers to have tapped financial markets include David Bowie, who launched the Bowie Bond in 1997, when he raised $55million guaranteed against 10 years’ worth of royalties generated by his songs.

“Obviously we are talking to several record companies about a new deal for Robbie, but we are also looking at talking broadly to all potential investors, including financial institutions,” Tim Clark, one of Williams‘ advisors said.

Potential investors will be wooed in the first half of next year but Clark also said that the singer could still re-sign with EMI, reports The Times.