Robbie Williams questioned in robbery

The pop star may be connected to theft of paparazzi equipment

Police have questioned Robbie Williams in a robbery investigation that took place in the Bahamas earlier this week.

Members of the pop star’s entourage were seen arguing with two paparazzi when they were spotted taking pictures of Williams with a zoom lens. Soon afterward, the paparazzi alleged that four armed men broke into their rented room and stole $20,000 worth of cameras and other equipment.

Police told the Associated Press that although Williams is being questioned in the investigation, they don’t believe that he is a suspect in the case.


“We don’t think he was the one who actually committed the robbery, but it may have been a spinoff or may have been triggered by what reportedly happened with his party on the beach,” the police spokesman said.

Williams had been vacationing at an exclusive beach in Exuma.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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