In an astonishing turnaround, the star wishes the Oasis singer and his pregnant girlfriend Nicole Appleton all the best...

Robbie Williams has offered an olive branch to rock rival LIAM GALLAGHER, sending his best wishes to him and his pregnant girlfriend – ROBBIE’s ex – NICOLE APPLETON, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

Speaking to NME.COM about the pair’s relationship, he said: “I hope they get on with each other and respect each other and love each other. And if they’ve got that then fine, great.”

He also joked that Liam couldn’t be more of a Lothario than himself: “He can’t be any worse than I was. So I genuinely do wish them the best.”


The latest round of the pair’s high-profile feud saw fireworks at the Q awards last month with Liam branding Robbie “queer”. Williams was later allegedly involved in a spat with Gallagher’s mate Nellee Hooper at the MTV awards last week.

He admitted that he wasn’t always so warmly disposed to the Oasis singer, who he has had regular bust-ups with in public, most notably the legendary Brit Awards show of bravado in February, when he challenged Liam from the podium to a fight outside for “100 grand of your money, 100 grand of my money”.

And he confessed that when his former girlfriend All Saint Nic started going out with Liam, he was gobsmacked.

He said: “The first time I saw it I was like, ‘Right.’ The second time I was like, ‘What are you doing? What’s going on? Are you trying to wind me up?'”

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