Robbie Williams wakes Austria dungeon victim

Kerstin Fritzl wakes up to the singer's hits after two-month coma

The infamous victim of abuse from her grandfather Josef Fritzl, who kept her in a dungeon in Austria until authorities found her recently, woke from a two-month coma by listening to Robbie Williams songs.

Williams‘ hits were played to Kerstin Fritzl through headphones for three days before she left the coma.

According to The Sun, Fritzl, 19, who had never been in the open air before she was rescued earlier this year, is now able to dance to the songs, and has indicated that she wants to see Williams play live.

Her doctor, Albert Reiter, explained: “She was sitting up in bed, waving her arms and dancing. One night I had to order her to finally go to sleep at 3am as she kept listening to Robbie Williams‘ CDs.”