Robbie Williams, Alex James and more satirised in ‘Rehab: The Musical’

The production's creators describe it as "a story about hope and the idea that people are able to change their lives"

Robbie Williams and Blur‘s Alex James are amongst those satirised in a new production called Rehab: The Musical.

The musical will open at south London’s Union Theatre on September 20 and will only run for four nights through September 23.

Rehab was written by Grant Black and Murray Lachlan Young and focuses on a fictional ’90s star called Kid Pop. He is “reluctantly consigned by the authorities to The Glade, a rehab centre for cross-dressing roommates, tanning addicts, group therapy and terrible food.”


The pair have had to seek the advice of lawyers due to the self-proclaimed “edgy” musical’s nature. “We’ve had a couple of warning shots across the bows, so we’re taking advice from our lawyer,” Young told iNews. “We don’t want to have to take too much out. It’s an edgy musical and if people can’t see the humour they should go and see Matilda instead.”

He added that he thought those who inspired the production would probably be on board with it. “Robbie would probably laugh his head off at it,” Young said. “Alex James has broad shoulders and enough cheese to keep him going.”

He also explained that the musical wasn’t intended to make light of the serious problem of addiction. “Addiction is a real issue and it has wrecked people’s lives,” he said. “But I know people can laugh at their actions when they were at their lowest ebb.

“We have to find satire in life where we can and not take things too seriously all the time. This is a story about hope and the idea that people are able to change their lives.”