Robbie Williams injured after ‘getting into fight with computer’

Singer's wife Ayda Field uploaded a photo of his bloody lip

Robbie Williams‘ wife has uploaded a picture of the star with a bloody lip after he allegedly got into a “fight with his computer”.

Williams, who released his latest album ‘Heavy Entertainment Show’ last November, married American actress Ayda Field in 2010.

Field, who has starred in Days Of Our Lives in the US and Fresh Meat in the UK, recently uploaded a photo to Instagram showing Williams with a cut above his upper lip.


Not a lot is known about what happened but Field wrote in a caption: “@robbiewilliams got into a fight with his computer and his computer won…:( #technologyproblems #poorguy #slightknobhead #instamoments #instaboy #mcm #robbiewilliams #inneedofcuddles”. See that post below.

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams recently poked fun at his hand wash incident during a New Year’s Eve concert.

The singer was performing at his ‘Robbie Rocks Big Ben Live’ when he walked up to the audience and high-fived fans at midnight while singing to ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

When he got back to the stage, the cameras caught Williams pulling out a bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel.

Many fans took to Twitter to make light of the incident at the time with many already declaring it the defining “moment of 2017”.