Robbie Williams’ feud with neighbour Jimmy Page continues

The pair are still arguing about building proposals

The feud between Robbie Williams and Jimmy Page continues as they argue over building plans.

The singer and Led Zeppelin guitarist have been neighbours for five years, after Williams bought Woodland House for a reported £17.5 million in 2013. Page has lived in his home since 1972.

The pair have been battling each other for around four years over planned building proposals for Williams’ Woodland House.


Williams reportedly wants to build an underground gym and swimming pool but Page fears that the build will damage his Grade I listed home.

Page lives 13 meters from Williams and says vibrations could cause irreversible damage. “My home was designed by William Burges, one of the greatest architects of the 19th Century,” Page said before the committee. He also revealed that he only plays acoustic guitar in his home to minimise vibrations.

“As his own home and showroom it contains original and fragile irreplaceable materials. I’m here to plea that you take all necessary measures to protect the Tower House from the threat of harm it faces,” Page added.

Speaking of a report by English Heritage, Page continued, “The conclusion was that the finishes, in particular those applied directly to walls, would be highly vulnerable to any movement of the walls.”

According to The Mirror, Williams’ representatives claimed that the construction work would fall within stringent regulations, adding that any effects on surrounding properties would be “negligible”.

Speaking after the meeting Page said he was “really pleased” with the outcome. “The council showed so much consideration to the Grade I listed building Tower House,” he added. “There were many things that were said that I found really encouraging. I’m only the custodian to pass it on to the next person in the same way I bought it from Richard Harris.”


In a letter to the council, Williams wrote, “I recognise the sensitivities or surrounding properties and the concern of neighbours.

“The design and methodology have been carefully developed to avoid harm to both Woodland House and neighbouring properties including Tower House. “Great care has been taken to propose a method of construction that will result in absolute minimal impact and is therefore compliant with stringent policy.”