Robbie Williams jokes that he’s ‘devaluing the brand’ in winning Brits Global Icon Award after David Bowie

'It's like Leicester winning the league or Trump being president'

Robbie Williams has said that he is shocked by the amount of Brit Awards he’s won, and joked that he’s ‘devaluing the brand’ in picking up the Global Icon Award after David Bowie.

Last year saw Bowie posthumously named the Global Icon, honoured with a touching tribute from Lorde, Annie Lennox and Gary Oldman.

When asked by NME about what it felt like to be the next recipient, Williams replied: “It depends who they give it to next. Maybe I’m just devaluing the brand. Maybe it’s like the heavy descent. Maybe it’s S Club 7 next. I don’t know.


“Look, it was a cracking bit of promo, I’m glad they gave it to me. But there’s so much in my career where I look into the abyss and the abyss looks back and goes: ‘I don’t know, I don’t have a fucking clue’.

Williams added: “How have I got 18 Brits and Paul McCartney hasn’t? Something weird has happened. It’s like Leicester winning the league and Trump being president. Me having 18 Brits – it’s like there’s a glitch in the Matrix. But, you know I’m not going to give them back and I’m glad it’s happened to me.”

The Brit Awards take place at The O2 in London tonight (Wednesday February 22) and will be televised on ITV from 8pm. Follow NME for the latest Brit Awards action and news from the red carpet and ceremony.