Robbie Williams says he smoked a spliff at Buckingham Palace

However, he says he has never thrown up there.

Robbie Williams has claimed he once smoked cannabis at Buckingham Palace.

The Take That singer didn’t say when he lit up a joint at the Queen’s house, but he performed at Buckingham Palace at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2012.

Asked about rumours he once vomited inside the palace, Williams told The Sun: “Threw up in Buckingham Palace? No. I smoked a spliff in Buckingham Palace.”


Last year, Williams caused controversy on The Graham Norton Show by recalling a bizarre sexual encounter with a stranger. He also apologised for claiming to have slept with the majority of the Spice Girls.

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Meanwhile, Williams recently poked fun at the hand wash incident that took place during his New Year’s Eve concert.

The singer was performing at his ‘Robbie Rocks Big Ben Live’ in London when he walked up to the audience and high-fived fans at midnight while singing along to ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

When he got back to the stage, the cameras caught Williams pulling out a bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel.

He has also spoken about his man-crush on Liam Gallagher, saying: “I think he’s been incredibly funny, incredibly charismatic, really watchable.”