The unveiling ceremony takes place later this month...

Blues pioneer ROBERT JOHNSON is to finally have a headstone erected on his unmarked grave, over 60 years after he died.

The man dubbed King Of The Delta Blues, who legend has it sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads in exchange for unrivalled skill on the guitar, lay in an unidentified grave in the Mississippi swamp from his death in 1938 until 1998. His grave was discovered by blues historian Gayle Dean Wardlow, who had spent 30 years searching for the site. The headstone will be unveiled on August 16, the anniversary of Johnson‘s death. The unveiling will also mark the first annual Robert Johnson Cross Road Memorial Days.

Rolling Stone reports that the two-day event is scheduled to begin at the Little Zion Baptist Church near Greenwood, Mississippi, which includes the Little Zion Baptist Church Cemetery, where Johnson is buried. Included in the festivities will be a 90-minute discussion of Johnson‘s recordings by Wardlow, Frank Driggs and Larry Cohn. Driggs was the man behind the production of the first Johnson reissue on Columbia in 1961, while Cohn put together the Grammy-winning 1991 box set that collected all of Johnson‘s known recordings.

On August 17, there will be a tour of the Delta Bar-B-Que at a nearby plantation where Johnson actually died, before a tour of Mississippi blues gravesites, including the final resting places of Mississippi John Hurt and Willie Brown.