Listen to Robert Pattinson’s new single ‘Willow’ in collaboration with tindersticks

And it's getting a special Record Store Day release, too

Robert Pattinson has revealed a new single in collaboration with the Nottingham band tindersticks. You can hear the track ‘Willow’ below, which comes from the soundtrack of High Life, a new movie starring the former Twilight and Harry Potter actor.

The smooth, orchestral track is set to be released as a standalone 7″ single for this year’s Record Store Day on April 13. The full soundtrack, overseen by tindersticks’ Stuart A. Staples, is out on April 5.


Staples describes ‘Willow’ as “a seed of a song shared by myself and [tindersticks bassist] Dan McKinna that eventually grew to be the conclusion of High Life with Robert Pattinson, the lead actor, singing the song in character to his daughter Willow, a theme that runs through the film.”

High Life is the first English language film by acclaimed French director Claire Denis. It stars Pattinson and Juliette Binoche, and concerns “a group of criminals who are tricked into believing they will be freed if they participate in a mission to travel on a spaceship towards a black hole to find an alternate energy source while being sexually experimented on by the scientists on board”.

It’s not the first time Pattinson has turned his hand to music. He appeared on the soundtrack to the first Twilight film in 2008 with his track ‘Never Think’, and has been credited as playing guitar for experimental rap group Death Grips on their 2014 album ‘Government Plates’.

Meanwhile, Pattinson was among the actors rumoured to be replacing Ben Affleck in the role of Batman after Affleck confirmed that he would not be reprising the role for a planned standalone film, The Batman.

Others on the list reportedly include Jack O’Connell, Richard Madden and Armie Hammer.