Fans complain of overcrowding at Robert Plant gig after ‘small number’ of audience members faint

The former Led Zeppelin frontman's gig at the city's Civic Hall was subject to complaints from some audience members

Fans have complained of overcrowding at Robert Plant‘s gig in Wolverhampton on Monday (November 20), with a ‘small number’ of audience members reportedly fainting due to the heat inside the venue.

Plant, who was born in nearby West Bromwich, played at the city’s Civic Hall venue earlier this week, which has a capacity of 3000.

However, the former Led Zeppelin frontman’s gig was marred by some complaints of overcrowding, with venue officials confirming that a ‘small number’ of audience members fainted during the show due to the heat.

Plant fan Scott Campbell told the Express and Star that he tried and failed to get inside the venue’s main hall, and ended up leaving the gig to go home.

“In the first 20 minutes I saw six or seven people being carried out of the hall after collapsing,” Campbell said. “I go to a lot of concerts but I had never seen anything like it.

“There was a large team of St John Ambulance people who were all kept busy. We tried the balcony but the only place to stand was behind a big pillar which blocked our view. We left after half an hour because we couldn’t see anything.”

Robert Plant

“I asked to see a manager because if there was a fire and you were in the middle of the hall, there would be no way of getting out,” he continued. “She said the fire doors would be opened but it looked to me as if they were already open.

“I’ve seen Robert Plant before but I was looking forward to seeing him on his home turf. I’ve not been to the Civic for a gig before and I don’t think I’d go again after that experience.”

A spokesman for the City of Wolverhampton Council responded to reports of overcrowding and people fainting in a short statement.

“The Robert Plant gig at the Civic Hall was a sell-out and the venue was at capacity for this music legend. Just under 3,000 people attended.

“Unfortunately, as sometimes happens at busy, crowded indoor gigs, there was a small number of people who fainted due to the heat. St John Ambulance were on hand to provide first aid to anyone who required attention.

“While the Civic Hall meets the required health and safety standards, it is an 80-year-old building and improvements to the ventilation and heating system are part of the planned refurbishment scheme.”

Earlier this month, Plant admitted that he can no longer listen to some tracks by Led Zeppelin.