Robert Smith’s ‘favourite band’ The Twilight Sad announce new album ‘IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME’

Check out new single 'Videograms'

The Twilight Sad have announced details of their upcoming fifth album ‘IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME’, as well as sharing new single ‘Videograms’. Check it out along with the artwork and tracklist below.

Described by The Cure’s Robert Smith as “the best band playing the best songs – consistently brilliant, emotional, intense, inspiring, entertaining,” The Twilight Sad were hand-picked to support The Cure on all recent world tour dates. He also advised the band on the creation of their new album – which arrives on January 18 via Rock Action Records.

“We sent him the demoes for the album and he sent them all back with a mark out of ten,” frontman James Graham told NME earlier this summer. “He was like ‘7/10, but could be a nine if you do this’.


“Most people like that would just play the gig and fuck off, but Robert really gives a fuck about the music he loves. If you’d told us five years ago that we’d become friends with Robert Smith to just go up to him and slag him and talk shite to him – it’s mind-blowing. He’s just a nice guy who wants people to do the best that he can.”

Speaking of new single ‘Videograms’, Graham said: “It’s one of the most melodic things we’ve done. Since writing the song I’ve heard the phrase “don’t you start on me” whilst walking down the street, in the supermarket, in the pub. It must have been something that I’d heard a lot that stuck with me and came out in this song.

“I quite like that it’s the first official single yet it’s the last song on the album. There’s sometimes pressure to front load an album with the singles as it’s assumed that people don’t have the attention span to listen to a full record, but people that know us and like our music know that we make albums that should be listened to all the way through as every song is a chapter in the overall story of it.

“It’s also why I love Rock Action as there was no pressure from them, they let us do what we wanted with the track list.”


Speaking to NME about the album’s lyrical content and sonic evolution, Graham added: “It’s all pretty full on but there’s some lighter shades and some hope on there. The first song that we’re going to come back with epitomises the record. It’s got really noisey guitars but it’s pretty melodic. I think it’s the next stage of who we’re meant to be. We weren’t nit-picking, it just came naturally. It feels more like a band.”

“These records are therapy sessions. I was just having a bit of a shite time, without going into it too much. I’ve got a life that I’m really happy with and I’m very lucky, but I have this side of me that questions things and doesn’t like myself sometimes – for no particular reason.

“This is my way of dealing with it. Everybody can be happy and sad at the same time.”


The tracklist for ‘IT WON\T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME’ is:

1. 10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs
2. Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting
3. The Arbor
4. VTr
5. Sunday Day13
6. I/m Not Here [missing face]
7. Auge_Maschine
8. Keep It All To Myself
9. Girl Chewing Gum
10. Let’s Get Lost
11. Videograms

Meanwhile, Graham has been confirmed as one of the guest vocalists to appear at Frightened Rabbit’s first show since the death of frontman Scott Hutchison.

The show will be part of the Scotland-wide event ‘Sleep In The Park‘ event, which also takes place in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh. Frightened Rabbit played the event last year at the Edinburgh leg. The event aims to raise around £6 million to help combat homelessness, and is set to be attended by 12,000 people. You can sign up for it here.

Twilight Sad on tour

As well as supporting Mogwai on select dates, The Twilight Sad’s upcoming UK headline dates are below. Tickets are available here.

November 10 – Paris, FR – Point FMR
November 11 – Wiesbaden, DE – Sclachthof
November 12 – Munich, DE – Ampere
November 13 – Vienna, AT – Chelsea
November 15 – Berlin, DE – Musik & Frieden
November 16 – Hamburg, DE – Molotow
November 17 – Amsterdam, NL – Paradiso
November 18 – Brussels, BE – Botanique
November 27 – London, UK – Bush Hall
November 29 – Edinburgh, UK – Liquid Rooms