Robert Wyatt performs live for first time in 25 years

The legendary singer appears with his favourite group

Robert Wyatt sang live for the first time in 25 years on Saturday night (September 22) with one of his favourite groups, The Dylan Howe Quintet.

When the troupe performed at Lincoln’s Drill Hall, Wyatt came onstage and sang a cover of Thelonius Monk’s ‘Round Midnight’.

After the show, Wyatt told NME.COM what prompted his sudden comeback.


“It’s the first time I’d sung live in 25 years! I just felt it,” he explained. “If I don’t have time to think about it, then I can just sneak up on myself and do it, I suppose! It was great fun, I was even thinking of sitting in on the last number too.”

Wyatt, formerly a drummer with bands Soft Machine and Matching Mole until he was paralysed falling from a window in the early 1970s, is a big fan of drummer Howe, the son of Yes guitarist Steve Howe. He explained he may work with the drummer on ‘The Subterraneans’, an experimental jazz version of David Bowie’s ‘Low’ and ‘Heroes’ albums.

Wyatt has released a number of albums over the last 25 years, but has never toured or performed live.

Howe added: “I’ve always been a fan of Robert‘s, and to know he is a fan of mine is amazing, really. I had initially asked him a few months ago if he would sing with us for ‘The Subterraneans’ project, but he told me that he just can’t sing live anymore.

“Nobody could have predicted tonight, I just casually asked him before the gig if he fancied sitting in on a tune, not thinking it would ever happen. It was such an honour, everyone in the group and audience was spellbound.”