Robert Wyatt’s nine albums to make up new box set

Former Soft Machine member's solo albums to be re-released

All nine of Robert Wyatt‘s studio albums are set to be re-released on August 3 alongside an EP collection originally released in 1998.

The ten records will form part of a box set put out by the Domino record label.

The box set will include the following albums:


‘Rock Bottom’ (1974)
‘Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard’ (1975)
‘Nothing Can Stop Us’ (1981)
‘Old Rottenhat’ (1985)
‘Dondestan Revisited’ (1991/1998)
‘Shleep’ (1997)
‘EPS’ (1998)
‘Cuckooland’ (2003)
‘Robert Wyatt & friends, Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September 1974’ (2005)
‘Comicopera’ (2007)